Everyone has a story. Here's mine. The story behind Lovingly.

You’re probably here because someone you love is going through something difficult, and you feel powerless. I know the feeling. I’ve been there.

My name is Julie, and in 2017 I lost my partner to cancer. During the time preceding his death I was his caregiver, and when he passed, the roles got reversed somehow. After months of feeling powerless while the cancer progressed, I became powerless facing my own faith. A young widow and the one who now needed caring for. This led to so many people asking me: ”what could they do?” Sadly, with grief so deep, I didn't know what could help me, and felt too exhausted to ever ask.

However, some loved ones still took the initiative and sent books, waterproof mascara, donations to cancer research, booked trips to get me out of the house, wrote beautiful letters... And even though I didn’t realise it at the time, these well thought, kind, and selfless acts of kindness were what kept me going.

When I came out of my rawest state of grief, I started connecting with many people who’d also lost someone they loved deeply. I became more aware of the mental struggles not only grievers go through, but people facing diseases, breakups, job-loss, or just the many hardships in life. I realised there was an incredibly large amount of young unhappy, heartbroken, or lost souls who found themselves alone in their situation, with the belief that not being ok wouldn’t be seen as socially acceptable. That it was a weakness.

It’s not. It’s human.

I felt strongly towards the acceptance of any emotion, and the fact that support from others is what keeps anyone going. But there was a lack of simple ways of showing your care and acknowledgement for someone who’s going through a really difficult time. I decided that I’d compose packages with things that help(ed) me. Things that made my days a little easier, a little more bright, and a little less lonely. You can purchase these items in different boxes on my website, for a friend, family member, or a colleague who could do with the extra kindness. If you don’t want to, or can’t, buy a box, that’s ok too, sometimes even just your presence and listening ear is kindness enough.

Whoever you’re here for, I promise you, your care, support and love for them matters. You matter.

It truly does mean the world.