Lovingly Box, an alternative to flowers

Lovingly creates care packages for the harder days. We aim to help you support your loved one by reminding them that you’re thinking of them, showing them that you’re there for them, or by simply acknowledging that sometimes it’s OK to not be OK.

Build a Care Package
  • Want to support someone, but not sure what to do?

    We know that sometimes words are hard to find, and that actions can speak louder than words.

  • Keep it personal

    Create a personalised Lovingly care package and show your friend that you’re there for them, through anything.

  • We'll handle the rest

    We will ship your box full of love within 1-3 days. Your loved one will appreciate your support more than you know.

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Proudly supporting the Irish Cancer Society

Here at Lovingly Box we believe in the importance of support and care. That's why 15% of our profits are donated to the Irish Cancer Society. And that goes for every box we ship. Because cancer sucks, and we care.

Since starting Lovingly Box in 2020 we have, thanks to your support, donated close to €12,000 to the ICS.