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It's ok to stay inside all day

It's ok to stay inside all day

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It's too cold outside. It's too peopley outside. Or it's simply too cosy inside. There are many reasons why someone might want to spend the day inside, in bed, in the sofa, or wherever they feel the most comfortable.

This box contains a few items that might make the inside time as cosy as possible.

  • A Sixty Second Journal full of tools to promote mental health and wellbeing in a positive way,

  • The most delicious box of 8 mixed chocolates from Chez Emily,
  • A gorgeous little winter candle from Field Day to brighten up any day or night (and make it smell extra nice)
  • A card which can be personalized at no extra cost. Please type your message on this page or at the time of checkout. If you choose not to add a message or name, the box will be posted anonymously.


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