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Self-care isn't selfish

Self-care isn't selfish

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Some days doing absolutely nothing is the most productive thing we can do. We all need a break sometimes, and that’s ok. Caring for ourselves is not selfish, it’s essential. This box contains some truly wonderful self-care items:

  • A scent to calm and sleep Aromatherapy wellness candle from Sleep Alchemists,

  • A weighted therapeutic eye pillow to soothe tired eyes, block out unwanted light, aid sleep and help deepen relaxation,
  • A pack of 4 soothing lavender shower steamers from Nat Aroma Bay,

  • A sleep balm from Literary Lipbalms,

  • A tin of chocolate cookies from the Lismore Food Company,
  • A card which can be personalized at no extra cost. Please type your message or name by selecting your card on this page. If you choose not to add a message or name, the box will be posted anonymously.

This care package aims to bring support and empathy for anyone who deserves some extra love and kindness.

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