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It's ok to put your feet up

It's ok to put your feet up

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It's cold outside, and (hopefully) quite cosy inside. Remind someone that it's ok to stay inside and rest. This lovely winter box contains:

  • A Hot Whiskey Syrup from the Dublin Cocktail Lab (alcohol free, to be added to a whiskey or any other beverage to make a delicious hot drink),
  • An aromatherapy "scent to sleep and destress" candle from Mookie and Boo,
  • A tin of dark chocolate apple crisps from Lismore,
  • A small sleep balm from Literary Lipbalms,
  • A card which can be personalized at no extra cost. Please type your message on this page or at the time of checkout. If you choose not to add a message or name, the box will be posted anonymously.

All items included in this box were made in Ireland.

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