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Hydrating facial cleansing balm - Blathana

Hydrating facial cleansing balm - Blathana

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This hydrating cleansing balm was formulated with a blend of natural oils to gently break down make-up and remove dirt and impurities from the skin. It's perfect to just take off whatever long day you've had behind you. It effortlessly melts make-up off even waterproof mascara, so even if you've been crying and your face is smudged it will do the trick.

It will leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated & glowing!

• Contains Squalane oil - a great moisturizer that prevents water loss from the skin. 

• High in vitamins & antioxidants.

 With Lemon & Lavender essential oil.

• Free from plastic, parabens, fragrance, colorants, triclosan.

Suitable for eyes and face - All skin types (including oily skin)

Made by Blathana in Ireland

♥ This cleansing balm also doubles as a mask. For an added moisture boost, you can let the balm sit on your face for 10 minutes while you're in the bath or shower. Self care at its finest. 

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