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Reusable silicone boost mask

Reusable silicone boost mask

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Silicone is used worldwide to aid scar healing and regenerate skin. Soothe Skincare’s Boost mask helps to prevent evaporation of your skincare product in to the air leaving your skin appear intensely hydrated and silky smooth.

The Boost mask is an essential alternative to a sheet mask preventing excess plastics and waste in the environment. We all have a part to play in making positive changes to better the world we live in.

Directions for Use:

Simply apply the soothe skincare glow serum or your favourite moisturiser, apply the mask and lock the serum properties in to your skin. Remove the mask after 15 minutes to reveal glowing skin.

Once you are finished using the mask wash gently with soap and water, dry and put the mask back in the pouch. Your sustainable best friend.

Each Box contains: One Silicone Reusable mask and Mask Storage Pouch

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