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Love never dies - small beautiful grief book

Love never dies - small beautiful grief book

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An emotionally powerful and comforting book designed for children who have experienced a bereavement, but can highly be appreciated by adults too. The book features a heartwarming poem which Lorna Gibson wrote and illustrated.
It is a short book, only 20 pages long, but full of powerful, beautiful, never ending love.

How this book came to be

Just days after the birth of his little girl, my friend’s husband Jeroen was tragically killed outside his house as he popped out to post some birth announcement cards. This illustration and poem was created by Lorna in the hope to provide some comfort for Jeroen’s wonderful wife and daughter, Nadja and Fleur, for whom, love never dies.

The book is printed with a luxury 'layflat' binding to showcase the full page illustrations. The layflat binding creates a double thickness 320gsm paper throughout, finished with a matt lamination on the cover.

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