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It's ok to rest

It's ok to rest

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Being unwell is anything but fun. And in all honesty, this box won't make it more fun either, but it might make it a bit easier or more bearable. It contains items which I've based on my own experience as a caregiver and time spent at the hospital. In this care package you'll find:

- Relaxing eye masks - box of 5. On top of being relaxing as these masks heat when you open the pack, they can block out any light.

- Dark chocolate apple crisps. Sometimes you need to treat yourself all the while being a little healthier. And I'm not claiming these apples covered with chocolate are super healthy, but they're at least dark chocolate. And they're apples. Also - they're delicious.

- A Sleep and relax pillow mist. Create a calming (and nicer smelling) environment with this gorgeous pillow and room spray.

- A mini set of self-care products, containing a cleansing balm, a deodorant balm and a rose serum oil.

- A card which can be personalized at no extra cost. Just type your message in the box on this page, or on the cart page. 

This box can be purchased for anyone who needs a reminder that it's ok to rest.

Flowers not included.

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