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Life is tough, but so are you

Life is tough, but so are you

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For anyone going through a difficult time, who might need a reminder that life can be tough, but they are too. This box contains:

  • A wonderful book by M.H Clarke, full of affirmations that “you already are”

  • A rose lipbalm with the word “bravery” on it,

  • A beautiful A5 print with the words “life is tough, but so are you”,

  • 150g vegan candy from Treat Yo Self. Because you really should treat yourself,

  • A soothing sleep and relax pillow mist from Mookie & Boo,

  • Little Hope pop-open cards (30 cards)
  • A square flyer with the words “you got this”,

  • A card which can be personalized at no extra cost. Please type your message on this page or at the time of checkout. If you choose not to add a message or name, the box will be posted anonymously.

This care package aims to bring support and empathy for anyone who could need an extra boost of love, or anyone going through setbacks, breakups, sickness, or loss.

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