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It's OK to cry

It's OK to cry

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Tears are sometimes already painful enough for the soul, but we often forget that they can bring some physical pain as well. Our eyes are swollen, our skin and lips are dry, our nose is runny…

This box is appropriate for anyone… Everyone cries. It contains:

  • A lipbalm with the word “bravery” on it,

  • A large scented candle with the words “forever and always”,

  • A Gua Sha to help reduce puffiness around the eyes, but also to help reduce stress, and improve circulation,

  • A soothing skincare serum to help soothe away your worries, which has anti-inflammatory properties,

  • Tissues: because you never have enough of those,

  • A bar of tasty sea salt chocolate… Salty tears, salty chocolate. Also - chocolate is always comforting,

  • A little flyer with the words “It’s OK to cry”

  • A card which can be personalized at no extra cost. Simply type your message or name at the time of checkout in the "order special instructions" field.

This care package aims to bring support and empathy for anyone going through setbacks, breakups, sickness, loss, depression, or bereavement, grief.

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